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Post-Polio News has been out of service for several months. I hope to restart ppn news distributions by Monday 11th March 2019. I previously hoped that I might make the 4th of March. Sadly, that was a tad overoptimistic.

Chris Salter. Owner/Editor/Gopher/General Factotum.

Post-Polio News (ppn) an online news cutting service that specialises primarily in the news relating to polio and post-polio issues.

News sources are many and varied including newspapers, magazines, medical journals and support group notices to name but a few.

As editor of this independent service, I have total freedom over what news I choose to output.

Post-Polio News therefore inevitably reflects a personal bias.

Nevertheless, I try to report with an even hand and views expressed by the authors of the news items I include in Post-Polio News do not necessarily reflect those of my own.

Primary news source feed is RSS. Post-Polio News distributes via RSS and Twitter. For anyone not presently set up to receive either RSS or Twitter, there are various email and newspaper options.

Domains post-polio.org.uk and post-polio-uk.org both point to this site. Domains post-polio.uk, post-polio.eu, post-polio.news and polio.news have been retained for possible future development.

TwitterFor those who prefer to scan headlines

Twitter is primarily a distribution channel for Post-Polio News. However, the inclusion of @postpolionews in a tweet will catch my attention.


TIP: If you are likely to want to view more than one Twitter channel, creating a Twitter account will make reading tweets that much easier. However, if you only want to read Post-Polio News for the moment, you don't need a Twitter account. Just go to the Post-Polio news Twitter page now by selecting this link. When new news items post, the page may update itself with a notification but if in doubt just reload the page.

Newspaper a convenient way for you to select from the last 24 hours worth of articles

Post-Polio News Daily is published after 10.00 AM GMT/UTC. Email notices, subscribed via a link on the newspaper, will be posted shortly after publication; notices will also distribute on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin.

Daily edition published after 10.00 AM GMT/UTC 24/7

Currently, most but not all news items distributed via RSS/Twitter feeds appear in the newspaper. Email subscribers may, therefore, prefer to subscribe to the daily email digest of the Post-Polio News RSS feed as detailed further down this page.

RSSfor those who prefer summaries

RSS (most commonly expanded asĀ Really Simple Syndication) is also both the primary source and a distribution channel for Post-Polio News. The advantage of RSS over Twitter is that the 'notice' is not limited to 140 characters.

RSS Icon

Subscribe to Post-Polio News RSS Feed in your favourite RSS Reader.

TIP: To view the RSS feed you will need an RSS Reader or web browser that is 'RSS Aware' and can present the feed in an easily readable format.

Facebook and Linkedin.

Notifications post for both "Post-Polio News Daily" and the RSS "Daily Digest" on Facebook and Linkedin.

Post-Polio News

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RSS Daily Digest by Emailfor those who prefer email

A daily digest is available via email. It is generated from the Post-Polio News RSS Feed and therefore includes all news distributed items. The email posts at 09:00 PM BST (20:00 hrs GMT/UTC).

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Video Channels

Some news items include links to videos. Direct access to most of those videos is available through the postpolionews channel and associated playlists.


The YouTube icon above the video opens up the postpolionews channel in a new tab. The video displayed above is the last one added to the playlist of 'Latest' videos. The postpolionews channel includes many categorised 'archival' playlists.

Post-Polio Health International

Although this UK site shares the 'Post-Polio' part of the domain name with Post-Polio Health International (www.post-polio.org), Post-Polio News (www.post-polio.uk, www.post-polio.org.uk and www.post-polio-uk.org) is an independent site owned and managed by myself, Chris Salter.

Post-Polio Health International (PHI), or GINI as they were called in the mid-1990's when I first ventured into post-polio support on the internet, provide a unique service to international polio and post-polio communities.

Contact Details

Comments on this service are welcome. I will also consider any support group or organisation news, but they will have to be in the form of links to the news/information as I am unable to publish news articles on this site at this stage.

Please email either postpolionews-at-post-polio.org.uk or postpolionews-at-originalthinktank.org.uk.

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